Underrated Tourist Spots in Hawaii

Hanakapi’ai Falls pic
Hanakapi’ai Falls
Image: tripadvisor.com

Steve Shillingford earned MBAs from the University of California, Berkeley, and the Columbia University Business School. He has held executive positions with several technology firms and currently serves as an advisor with the venture capital firm Signal Peak. In his leisure time, Steve Shillingford enjoys traveling and frequently visits the Hawaiian Islands.

Hawaii is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and with good reason. Lush tropical landscapes and beautiful beaches draw visitors from the world over, but there are other spots in Hawaii that often get overlooked. Here are two of the most underrated tourist destinations that the islands have to offer.

The eight-mile hike to Hanakapi’ai Falls on the island of Kauai traverses challenging terrain, but hikers are rewarded when they reach the mountain oasis, hidden from the rest of the island, which features an impressive 300-foot waterfall that pours into a lovely swimming pond. Hikers can also stop halfway along the trail to visit Hanakapi’ai Beach, which is only visible during the summer months. The beach features gorgeous cliff overlooks and stunning caves.

The Plantation Village in Waipahu on the island of Oahu is an homage to the lives of migrant sugar plantation workers from Asia, Puerto Rico, Portugal, and the Philippines who inhabited the area from the mid-1800s to the 1940s. With such a diverse social stratification, the people developed their own unique cultural heritage. The on-site museum offers guided historical tours during the midday hours Monday through Saturday.


Luck Named One of NFL’s Most Important Figures

Indianapolis Colts Image: colts.com
Indianapolis Colts
Image: colts.com


Steve Shillingford is an advisor for the venture capital firm Signal Peak Ventures. Before joining Signal Peak, he spent much of his career in the cybersecurity field, serving as advisor, board member, and CEO with various security-related companies. Outside of his professional life, Steve Shillingford is a fan of the Indianapolis Colts.

A recent ranking by USA Today puts Colts quarterback Andrew Luck near the top of the list of the most important figures in the NFL.

In its recent rundown of the NFL’s 100 most influential names, USA Today ranked Luck at No. 14 on the list. Moreover, he was the third highest ranking player on the list behind Cam Newton at No. 3 and Tom Brady at No. 10.

Luck’s 2015 campaign was marked with underwhelming play and injuries. The Colts have a tremendous amount of faith in Luck’s long term potential, however. So much so, that the team recently signed him to a 6 year deal worth $140 million, making him the highest paid player in the NFL.

Utah Technology Council Sponsors 18th Annual Hall of Fame Celebration

Utah Technology Council pic
Utah Technology Council
Image: utahtech.org

With more than two decades of experience spearheading technology companies, Steve Shillingford works as an advisor for Signal Peak Ventures. In addition to his work with Signal Peak, Steve Shillingford maintains membership with professional groups such as the Utah Technology Council.

The state’s premier professional organization for technology and life science companies, the Utah Technology Council includes more than 5,000 companies and represents almost 10 percent of the state’s total payroll. Established in 1991, the council helps businesses by offering networking connections, addressing talent shortage faced by member companies, and assisting them with gaining access to funding.

One of the events sponsored by the Utah Technology Council is its Hall of Fame Celebration, with the 2016 event occurring on September 30. This annual event honors individuals with ties to Utah who have contributed globally to information technology and life sciences industries by utilizing innovation, leadership, and new technology. The chief operating officer of Apple, Tim Cook, will serve as the keynote speaker for this 18th annual celebration. The 2015 event featured LinkedIn’s chief executive officer Jeff Weiner as its keynote speaker.

Hawaii Adventures to Embark On

Hawaii pic
Image: gohawaii.about.com

Steve Shillingford from Signal Peak enjoys mentoring other entrepreneurs. He received his bachelor of science from Brigham Young University in 1992. He currently serves as an adviser at Signal Peak Ventures. To get away and relax, Steve Shillingford enjoys visiting his favorite travel destination, Hawaii.

When visiting Hawaii, the adventures you can engage in are practically endless. One of the favorite things for vacationers to do in Hawaii is snorkeling. There is simply no better way to see the amazing and beautiful plant and animal life under the ocean’s surface. For those new to snorkeling, professional guides rent the necessary equipment and offer guided tours, making it possible for even a first-time snorkeler to have a truly unforgettable experience..

Golfing is another activity which brings people from all over the world to Hawaii. The public, private and elite courses and their terrain are as varied as the islands themselves, and offer a chance to get out in the wind and to experience the lush and luxuriant mountains. Some courses, located well above sea level, offer spectacular 360-degree views of the seashore and ocean below.

One of the most popular nighttime activities are the Luaus. A Hawaiian party or feast, Luaus have their roots in the harvest celebration. Often including live music, luaus are a great place to experience the traditional food, drinks, and music of the Hawaiian people.

Three Tips for Improved Password Security

Steve Shillingford pic
Steve Shillingford
Image: spv.com

Steve Shillingford is an advisor for venture capital firm, Signal Peak Ventures. Before Signal Peak, Steve Shillingford spent much of his career in the cyber security field, serving as advisor, board member, and CEO to various security-related companies.

When it comes to personal cyber security, the foundation is always a strong password. Use these three tips to ensure yours is too tough to crack.

1. Do not reuse passwords– While using the same password for multiple sites is more convenient, it’s also easier for hackers, who often assume you’ll use the same login credentials across multiple sites. In 2011, Sony had to lock almost 100,000 accounts for their various platforms due to a security breach on an entirely unrelated site, where people used the same credentials they did with Sony.

2. Avoid the Dictionary– Full words are a bad idea because hackers have dictionaries, too. What’s more, they’ve got software that can check for real words as passwords. Instead, consider using symbols and acronyms.

3. Multi-Factor Authentication– Multi-factor authentication can protect you even if a hacker guesses your password. This added layer of protection requires additional verification when someone logs in from an unrecognized location. For example, if you’re using the feature on your banking site, they may send you a text message with a unique code, proving it’s actually you trying to log in.

Columbia Business School Startup Lab Enters Second Year

A technology executive with more than two decades of experience in data security, Steve Shillingford now serves as a mentor and advisor to portfolio companies held by Signal Peak Ventures, a venture capital and private equity investment firm. Steve Shillingford received his graduate education in business administration at the University of California, Berkeley and Columbia Business School.

Centered in one of the largest financial metropolises in the world, Columbia Business School has been at the forefront of business education for nearly a century. In order to meet the evolving needs of the business world and support economic growth, the Columbia Entrepreneurship Coalition established the Startup Lab a year ago to support businesses during their most vulnerable stage of growth. Much like the nascent community it supports, the Startup Lab started as an early experiment to fulfill a social need and has since grown rapidly into an ecosystem of innovative business leaders and like-minded professionals.

Going into its second year, the Startup Lab supports more than 70 alumni in residence (and counting), with a diverse range of startups in the tech, retail, and media industries. In-house ventures such as Wandering Bear Coffee Company, which sells and delivers premium, boxed ice coffee, are evaluated on a trimester basis to assess progress and community impact. Other ventures that have gone on to become standalone enterprises include Sailo, a peer-to-peer marketplace for boat rentals; Deanslist, a data-management tool for assessing key performance indicators in schools; and Exubrancy, a provider of in-office fitness and wellness workshops.